Three BH Citizens evacuated from Afghanistan

Three out of a total of 11 BH citizens, who were determined to be on the territory of Afghanistan until late last night, left Kabul while diplomatic efforts are underway to evacuate from the crisis region, the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

According to the information of the Embassy of BiH in Islamabad and contacts with BH citizens, the remaining group is still in a safe zone and awaiting the first opportunity for evacuation.

“The Crisis Staff of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the diplomatic and consular network, especially the embassies in Islamabad, London, Washington, Ankara, The Hague and others, continues intensive activities to help BiH. to citizens who are waiting for evacuation “, the Ministry announced.

Also, they added, activities are underway to group citizens in a smaller number of locations in order to facilitate their evacuation.

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