Thousands of Tons of Fruits and Vegetables to be redeemed

Fruits and vegetablesProcessors from BiH are in the phase of signing contracts for the purchase of raw materials with producers, and some of them will purchase several thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables for processing this year.

Zarko Mikic, the director of the company Vitaminka Banja Luka said that it is expected this year to a higher production in physical volume for around 20% compared to the last year. As he says, they have also planned it in financial effects, but it will all depend on the weather conditions, because they are doing the seasonal processing of fruits and vegetables.

“We hope that this year will be good. If it does, we should invest around 3 million BAM in the redemption of fruits and vegetables, mainly in this region“, said Mikic. According to his words, in Vitaminka they hope that the largest quantities of what they need for processing will  produce in Semberija, Posavina and Lijevce polje.

Rusmir Hrvic, the director of Klas from Sarajevo said that this company plans to establish cooperation with around 800 producers of berries and collectors of forest fruits and mushrooms in 2015. As he said, those quantities are intended for their storage and processing capacities of refrigerator in Blazuj.

“Besides that, cooperation with producers of fruits and vegetables for needs of Klas‘s retail was planned. It is about the fresh program that is directly places to Klas‘s retail facilities. It is important to emphasize that the payment of all redemption quantities is performed directly upon the delivery, by the principle money for good“, said Hrvic.


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