Thirteen Wildfires active in Canton Sarajevo

In the area of Sarajevo Canton, 13 wildfires were active, which were caused by the spring cleaning of gardens and courtyards, was confirmed for Fena by the Dispatch Center of the Professional Fire Brigade of Sarajevo Canton.

Of that number, there are three major wildfires, one on Hum Hill near the TV repeater, the other on Zuc Hill, and the third on the territory of the municipality of Ilijas. At the other ten locations, wildfires were active in open spaces.

Canton Sarajevo teams were on the field and for now, there are no endangered facilities or people.

“On Hum Hill, the bigger surface was under fire, and seven firefighters team have tried to extinguish the fire. The wildfire was put under control, but it was not extinguished because it was an inaccessible field. In Zuc Hill, three firefighters’ teams managed to extinguish the fire. In the area of the Municipality of Ilijas, two teams are currently extinguishing the fire,” acting dispatcher Salem Ramic told Fena.

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