There is no Concrete Agreement on the New Coalition Partner in the FB&H

bakircovicAt yesterday’s meeting with the president of HDZ B&H, Dragan Covic, president of SDA, Bakir Izetbegovic hadn’t reach an agreement related to the establishment of the new coalition in the Federation of B&H.

“Nothing special and concrete was agreed. This was one working meeting“, said Izetbegovic to the reporters after he meeting.

He emphasized that there is a possibility of a coalition with smaller parties, among which is BPS-Sefer Halilovic, and said that they will work on it in the coming weeks.

As Dragan Covic said, those parties already expressed an interest to be a part of the parliamentary majority in the Federation of B&H, and among them is Party for B&H.

He thinks that the resignation of the three remaining ministers from DF will not be accepted until a clear alternative was created, stating that they have a duty to work, because they were not relieved of their duty.

Covic noted that it was talked at the meeting about the establishment of the government in the FB& and cantons, then about its functioning and non-functioning, and it was agreed that the story about Mostar and the establishment of the Government of Hercegovina-Neretva canton needs to be finished.

(Source: klix.ba)

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