There is less waste than there was before in Kozara National Park

There is less waste than there was before in Kozara National Park, was stated by Banja Luka Center for Environment on Saturday.

It was stated that this is the result of activities aimed at strengthening the awareness of visitors about the problem of inadequate deposition of package waste in nature.

Although there is evidently less waste, it should be noted that they continuously work on the education of visitors.

“Visitors are getting better informed about the problems that waste can cause, and there is a noticeable difference compared to the earlier period. However, although we have a smaller problem with waste disposal in nature, it is still necessary to continue to educate visitors and collect waste from the entire area of the park,” the director of Kozara National Park Dragan Romcevic said.

It was added that in the National Park Kozara they carried out various activities and appealed to all visitors to properly dispose because all people love and want to stay in clean nature, Iva Miljevic from the Center for the Environment emphasized.

National Park Kozara is a kind of a health resort, unique to the rate of regeneration of red blood cells. This is the place where you can breathe in the fresh air of the wonderful Kozara forests, while engaging in various activities.

Kozara Mountain is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a low, island mountain located between the Pannonian plain in the north and the south of the Dinarides, and bordered by the rivers Sava, Una and Vrbas. Although the height of its peaks does not exceed 1000 meters above sea level, Kozara dominates this part of BIH with its height, vastness and beauty. It is known among the people as the ‘Beauty of Krajina’, thanks to its dense complexes of deciduous and coniferous forests, meadows, clear streams and the abundance of flora and fauna.

Hiking, biking, climbing and skiing make staying on Kozara complete. Marked hiking trails provide an excellent opportunity to get to know the mountain, enjoy its picturesque landscape and simultaneously improve your physical condition.
In order to preserve and protect the cultural-historical and natural values, the central part of Kozara, an area of 3494.5 ha, was declared a national park in 1967. The central part of the National Park Kozara is dominated by Mrakovica plateau (806 m) where, because of its urban facilities, cultural events are hosted which bring a large number of visitors to the National Park Kozara.

In every season, the Kozara National Park offers something special: with the coming of spring the dense forest areas come to life, in the summer the fresh air and summer shade of high conifers provide relief from the heat; autumn enchants with its colors, and in winter the snow cover allows you to enjoy the delights of winter sports.


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