There is an increasing Number of young People who are leaving BiH

Even though it is the second year of the pandemic, the trend of leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) continues. Precisely because of that, there is a noticeable shortage of labor in different sectors, and as those familiar with the situation tell – not only salaries are a problem, the problem is the overall political and economic situation.

Una-Sana Canton (USC) – 34.000 unemployed citizens, among them 3.000 who are highly educated. The workforce is relatively old given that more than 50% of the persons who are registered with the Employment Service are over 45 years old. The younger, able-bodied mostly go to western countries.

Survey of the youth

“I finished high school, civil engineering in Cazin as a student of the generation (showed a diploma), but I will continue my education abroad”.

What would you, as a young person, say to politicians, how to stop the departure of the young people?

“I support the majority, I tried to go abroad and I did not succeed, and I recommend politicians to keep as many young people in BiH as possible,” told Edin Mujagic.

Young people are leaving, fortunately for them, and unfortunately for the state. Older people also support them in that.

Survey of the elderly

“Let them work or let the young people work since those who have had the functions so far have done nothing. They should leave their chairs immediately, immediately. “

“Let the politicians who promised 100.000 jobs deal with this, and they seem to have promised to evict 100.000 people.”

In the first seven months of this year, about 500, mostly young people, left this canton. That is the number of those who checked out from the Employment Service. The number of those who left without check-out is far higher.

“These are people that the European Union (EU) wants to welcome, they are reproductive people. This will be felt even more in the upcoming period, we will be left without small children, schools will remain empty, ” stated the head of the Employment Sector of the USC, Jasmin Prosic.

“Western European countries are mostly looking for crafts, and they can find the most of people for this sector in the USC area,” Prosic added.

This is supported by the fact that the owners of construction companies in this canton are increasingly facing a shortage of labor. Employers say workers are not complaining about salaries, but are still leaving.

“An ordinary construction worker starts from 1000 onwards and that is the lowest salary, repairers are up to 2000 and that is the net salary. Nobody said that the salary is a problem, their issue is the political situation. Health and education have big problems. They are mostly leaving because of the future of their children, ” emphasized the owner of the construction company, Emir Pjanic.

Data on the departure of people from all over BiH should be a warning to the authorities to finally do something. Young, capable people are leaving – they remain optimistic. And there are fewer and fewer of them each day, BHRT writes.


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