Theater is the Proof that You Can Live Through Art

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMESS forum was held at the Museum of Literature and Performing Arts. The theme of the  discussion of 53 International Theatre Festival MESS aimed to address hope phenomenon  through art and beyond, from a sociological, philosophical and cultural perspective.

Andrej Nosov spoke about the topic “Corrosion of hope“, director of the play “Hinkeman: What must it be”,  Ivica Buljan Yellow line” and the duo Claire Marshall and Richard Lowdon of the British troopsForced Entertainment” that tomorrow and the day after will present their playTomorrow’s parties“. Moderator of the discussion was the director of the festival Dino Mustafić.

We live in a global cultural world and the world in which we live is disappointing. Our show has to do with finding happiness, although it was very difficult to work on such an issue“, said Richard Lowdon and Claire Marshall and added: “Theater in the UK has never been an intellectual pursuit, but the theater happens in front of us and presents the simplicity of being. With theater you can not make changes as with film and TV, but it is unrealistic to expect theater to ignore developments in society“.

To think and to go to the theater is no longer a need of modern society. We live in a time of laziness, but hope still exists and is reflected in the constant questioning of things, said Andrej Nosov.

(Source: Press Mess Festival)


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