The World in Miniature – Trebinje Flooded by Tourists

Trebinje i SrbijaThe world in miniature  is how Trebinje is described today, which is literally occupied by tourists. All hotel facilities are full, and at the place for coffee in the most popular city garden hotel Platani“ people wait half an hour for a table, reports the ATV.

The Town Square is full of stands, where tourists can find all sorts of things, from souvenirs, watercolors and jewelry, to herbs, honey and brandy Herzegovina. Unavoidable are even the street musicians, and foreigners are delighted.

’It is great, we are proud to be here’’, says a tourist from Australia.

‘’ The city is beautiful, it’s wonderful to see the rustic houses, because there are none in Ireland. There will be in a few years, because we can not pay taxes nor maintain the ones we bought. What is very interesting are small buregždinice and small restaurants of Roman style’’, which are the impressions of an Irishman.

As expected, Russians andthe Turksarethree timesmore in number than last year, because from firstJuly they wereintroduced to the visa system for Croatia, so they are coming from Montenegroto Trebinje.

What was unexpected was the great interest of the citizens of South Korea, which is up to 800 nights spent for this season.

‘’ The number of arrivals in Trebinje is over 50% higher than last year at this time. Most of the tourists come from Serbia, Western Europe, Greece, and this year in the last three months are leading tourists from Turkey’’, says Tatjana Bulajić, the Director of Tourist Organization of Trebinje.

‘’ Hotel “Platani” is booked, often there are no free beds, and tourists come to us from all parts of the world, from Europe, America, Australia’’, said the hotel receptionist at Platani”.

These days Monika Belucci will arrive to Trebinje because of the film shooting by Emir Kusturica, and she will stay there two weeks. There is a great interest of the citizens of the place in which she will stay so that they could meet her. 

(Source: ekapija.com)

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