The Visitors’ Choice: Top Five Restaurants in Sarajevo

The following five restaurants are a visitors’ choice. Everyone can find something for himself/herself.

1) Burgedzinica Bosna. It serves quality, delicious Bosnian pastry called Burek, it is a beef pie. They serve all traditional types of Bosnian pitas (filled pastries). A must try.

2) Morica Han. Traditional Bosnainrestauran located in heart of Bascarsija. They serve traditional food and the restaurant is decorated reflecting old school traditions. This place serves superb food and it will give you a great view back in time.

3) Cevabdzinica Zeljo. Possibly the best Cevapi ever. Chevapi are a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of kebab.

4) Tavola. Anything from delicious pastas to mouthwatering steak can be gotten here. I have tried numerous plates here over the years, and still have to have one I wasn’t in love with.

5) Avaz Twist Tower restaurant. Delicious upscale restaurant. Service is great, wine was to die for and food was delicious. Great for date night.


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