The Victory of B&H Handball Team in Tallinn

rukomet bih-estonijaThe handball team of B&H began the qualification for the World Cup 2015 with a victory.

The team of B&H, led by coach Dragana Marković won the first match against Estonia with 29:26 (18:13) for the Group 5 qualification last night in Tallinn.

Most effective players among the team of B&H were Delić and Prce with six goals, Savić with four goals and Malinović with three goals.

B&H handball players are on the first place of the list, with Latvia that in the first match of the group yesterday defeated Portugal. The Portuguese team is the next opponent of the B&H team and the match will be played in Sarajevo on Sunday. After that match, a pause will follow and the qualifications will continue in January next year.

(Source: Fena)

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