The Venice Commission to pay a Visit to BiH regarding the Election Law?

The last meeting of leaders of SDA, HDZ, SDP, SBB and DF, at which they tried to agree on changes to the Election Law of BiH, was held at the beginning of this month. Considering the fact that they have not reached any agreement, the Venice Commission will get involved in this issue, and it should grade the proposals from the aspect of European standards, the Constitution Law of BiH and the Convention on Human Rights.

The Venice Commission is the advisory body of the Council of Europe that includes 61 member states and their delegation will arrive today and they will stay in Sarajevo until May 24, this year.

“As previously agreed between the political parties of the FBiH, in the context of efforts of the EU and US to facilitate the process of electoral reform and after the formal request issued by the EU, the Venice Commission will attend numerous meetings with relevant participants of the election with the aim to provide expert help in the process of continuous discussions on the changes that are necessary in the electoral legislation, especially regarding the election of the House of Peoples of the FBiH,” as announced by the Office of the Council of Europe in the capital city of BiH.

The main role of the Venice Commission is to provide legal advice to member states, and especially to help countries that want to comply their legal and institutional structures with the EU standards and international experience in the field of democracy, human rights and legislation. Moreover, the Commission is also working on the dissemination and consolidation of joint constitutional heritage, and it provides “urgent constitutional assistance” to countries in transition.

The Venice Commission delivered more than 500 opinions in cases initiated by more than 50 countries, as well as 80 studies. Procedures of the Venice Commission can be started by members and institutions that are officially participating in its work, and the commission itself can initiate them on its own initiative.

(Source: D. Be./Klix.ba)


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