The Swiss Federal Department of Justice: B&H will most likely have Advantage for Extradition of Naser Orić

oric2The Swiss Federal Department of Justice announced that they have not yet received a request for extradition by the Prosecution of B&H, which was already announced in a press release.

“Naser Orić will have a hearing related to this request. In this hearing, Mr. Orić will have the opportunity to declare his agreement to extradition. In that case, a simplified procedure would take place. Federal Department of Justice would probably need to give priority to the request from B&H authorities and order the extradition to B&H, “as said from the Federal Department of Justice of Switzerland.

They also added that the Serbian authorities submitted their formal request for extradition on the 22nd of June 2015.

Prosecutor General of Canton of Geneva will follow the usual procedure by the Federal Department of Justice and carry on the hearing of Naser Orić regarding the request for extradition,” as announced from the Federal Department.


(Source: klix.ba)

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