The Story of Suvad Veletanlic – the Street Dancer

[wzslider autoplay=”true” info=”true”]He grew up in Bosanski Novi with his grandparents. As a youth, he spent a few years in juvenile detention. At the beginning of the war, in 1992, he went to Germany as a refugee. He spent several years working in different kinds of jobs, however, the job that he enjoyed the most was being a chef.

He has been living in Sarajevo for the last eight years and works as a street dancer. He says that dancing is good for him, because he finds it relaxing. Although people love him and offer him free food, he loves it when he earns some money. He is taking his job seriously, and believes that his energy has a positive effect on people.

He called his dance ‘Jii Cou’, which in principle has no meaning except, as he says, when people say it, it makes them smile.

The music he listens to on his headphones is hard core techno and his style of dance is similar to a very fast breakdance.

Suvad wants to prove that he can dance without using drugs. In fact, he aspires to start a course called “Dancing without drugs”.

Besides this, he has an even more ambitious plan: he would like to start a dancing academy, where he would be just one of the dance instructors. All of the educational workshops would be led by experts and he would follow them as a participant. His idea is that the academy would involve courses in kung Fu, acrobatic dance, gymnastics, meditation etc.

When I asked him: “All of this sounds very interesting, but dear Suki, you need the money for it, do you have a business plan – how are you planning to start all of this?”

“Suki” replied that he does not know, but he would love for all of this to actually happen. “I would like that too, well done for the idea,” I said, and since there was nothing more to be said about it, I asked him about his love life.

Suvad smiled to this question and said that now he has someone special who makes his life beautiful.

I was hanging out with him for a whole day. I visited his rented apartment and saw that his neighbors appreciate him and help him. Suvad is a dear and honest man, full of some positivity even though he has had a very tough life. He said that he had a bad experience with bad friends at an early age, so he learned his lesson. In fact, he uses his experience to avoid bad influences. He is hardworking, loves to work, and always has a smile on his face.

I am sincerely hoping that this news will help people to accept Suvad better, and I’m sure he will give us more positivity and good vibes.


Written by Haris Memija

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