The Story of a Man who rejected all Offers abroad and came to work for BH Company

April 24, 2018 3:00 PM

The fact that happiness is not beyond the borders of BiH was confirmed by the story of Senad Cibra, the man who left a well-paid job in Samsung in the Czech Republic, rejected all foreign offers and returned to BiH to continue with his career here.

After ten years of work in our country, he decided to continue his career abroad and accepted the job offer in Samsung in Slovakia, and he learned that efficiency and effectiveness are the main standards for business operations. However, despite everything that he achieved in Samsung, it was a great honour for him to accept the offer of the President of the Management Board of AS Holding Rusmir Hrvic, return to BiH and help in the achievement of business goals of AS Holding and strengthening of BH economy.

“I carefully followed the development of this great domestic group and I liked their concept of business, strength and position on both domestic and foreign markets. I was fascinated by the fact that AS Group exported its brands in a total of 28 countries all over the world, employs several thousand people and realizes hundreds of millions of BAM. Therefore, my expectations were fulfilled. I believe that some great challenges are ahead of us, but that is motivating since we are creating a new company that will make powerful mechanisms for implementation of business operations in a new and innovative way,” noted Cibra.

He added that he is trying to transfer the knowledge and experience that he acquired abroad to his colleagues.

“This refers to a positive working atmosphere first, as well as the strengthening of teamwork and constant education. On the other side, I am learning a lot from my colleagues here because when you work in this kind of a company, you really have a lot to learn. Therefore, the process is mutually beneficial,” noted Cibra.

Despite everything he learned so far, Cibra said that he has to work on himself a lot more, to perfect his abilities, and learn a lot from his older and much more experienced colleagues.

He said that he is a modest man who loves to hang out with his friends and to spend every moment available with his son, family and friends.

He sees himself in the next five years in a leadership position where he can make a personal progress together with the company, in accordance with his competencies and abilities.








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