The Story of a Bosnian who is a Professor, BH Representative, Painter and Writer, all in one Person

The story of Arnela Sabanovic from Zenica shows that it is possible to connect things in life that look impossible at first. She is a professor of mathematics and informatics and she is painting in her free time. Moreover, she is also actively engaged in football as a member of SFK 2000 Sarajevo.

This twenty-seven-year-old Bosnian from Zenica decided to dedicate her life to herself and others, which is the reason why she spends all of her free time with activities for social good.

She has been dealing with football for ten years and she is playing for the women football club SFK 2000 since July 2017, with which she played in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League for Women. She is a member of the Women National football team of BiH since 2013. She also played for FC Celik from Zenica, FC Mladost from Nevic Polje, and FC Novi Travnik.

“When it comes to my sports career, I should mention that I am a football referee at the Association of Football Judges and Instructors of the Zenica-Doboj Canton and that I will be the owner of the UEFA B Referee License soon. I am also a great fan of poetry and painting. When it comes to poetry, I am planning to publish my first book by the end of this year. I also won the literary award for the most romantic and most original love song on the XVII public competition “Songs of Songs,” said Sabanovic.

Her father, who was a goalkeeper and defended the colours of the club during his education in Brac had a great influence on her sporting activities, while her mother who spent time painting and writing poetry is responsible for her love for art.

“Unfortunately, the war prevented them from doing what they liked, and that ruined their dreams. I somehow spontaneously identified myself with them while listening to their stories and I started loving what they were doing. Besides my own dreams to become a teacher, I started dreaming their dreams as well, and I discovered my art skills at elementary school. The crown of my work was the first solo exhibition held at the City Gallery in Vitez in 2013 where I presented realistic portraits made in the technique of graphite pencils and pencils in colour,” stated Sabanovic.

After that, she decided to give herself a freedom in the choice of motifs and techniques, and thus were created numerous works made in acrylic and oil on paper. She held her second independent exhibition in Zenica two years ago, which had a humanitarian character.

She concluded that everyone chooses what to do in life and she chose to do a lot. Although it is sometimes difficult to balance all of those obligations, nothing is a problem for her with a bit of good organization.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)





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