The Situation with Fires in Herzegovina is stable

In the area of the municipality of Stolac, there is still an active fire at the location of Derani. The fire does not threaten the houses, and members of Stolac fire department and the local population are on the ground.

“At 11 pm, the fire was extinguished at the Kvanj-Dolovi site. About 100 hectares of grass, low and tall vegetation were burned,” the Operational Center for Civil Protection of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton said.

The situation on the ground will be monitored in the coming days so that action can be taken in the event of fires.
During yesterday, firefighters had several minor interventions in the area of Capljina, Citluk and Mostar.

In the area of Bogodol (Cabulja), the situation was stable on Wednesday. There was no open flame on the fire. Stumps are burning in several places, and the situation is being monitored by members of the fire brigade.

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