The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs transferred 42 Afghans to Temporary Reception Center

In the morning, the Service for Foreigners Affairs moved 42 Afghans from the abandoned facilities from the “Kombiteks” location to the temporary reception center Lipa near Bihac.

Inspectors of the Service for Foreigners Affairs, with the assistance of the Ministry of the Interior of the Una-Sana Canton, Bihac Police Station, controlled the movement and stay of migrants at the said location, where they found 42 people, a single man originally from Afghanistan.

The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs relocated these migrants to the temporary reception center Lipa, where they were provided with medical assistance, identification and registration, and they were provided with accommodation, food and other non-food products.

During these activities, an unaccompanied minor was found, of which the Center for Social Work was immediately notified in order to initiate procedures for determining guardianship and further accommodation and care.

This activity is a continuation of continuous operational activities of the Service for Foreigners on relocating migrants from abandoned facilities to temporary reception centers in order to better manage migration processes, in coordination with local authorities in Una-Sana Canton.

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