The Sensation Bridge opened in a Great Atmosphere in Sarajevo

Another edition of the summer fun on the Effiel’s Bridge in Sarajevo – Sensation Bridge was opened in a great atmosphere.

The first “Sensation night” featured the Perpetuum Mobile band from Subotica. This band, which is famous for their fantastic performances, great production and repertoire, performed fusion of several styles, vocal house, jazz rock, pop and rock of 1980’s and the usual club hits.

Fun on the bridge continued last night as well with Studio EN by La Biosthétique and the Academy Night.

A multimedia fashion show will be installed on Sensation Bridge and it will show the blend of art and skills in a really special and unique way. The author of fashion photography is Eldin Nuhic in cooperation with well-known BH artists and photographers. A fashion video will be premiered within the exhibition and this event is the announcement of the opening of the EN Academy in Sarajevo, which will be a unique educational platform for new generation of hairdressers.

Audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the Kazoo Band at the For The Hunters stage. This group of musicians and DJs brought club entertainment to a new level by playing commercial electronic music live with live vocals, percussion, saxophone and numerous other instruments.

The entrance is free of charge until midnight, and it is paid 5 BAM after midnight, except for visitors with the Sensation Invitation, which can be used as a ticket for two people. Also, Happy Hour will take place every day from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.





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