The Sarajevo Minister of Health received a Criminal Report after a Statement regarding Vaccination

Mirnes Ajanovic, the president of the Bosnian Party (BOSS) and lawyer, filed a criminal complaint to the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Canton Sarajevo (CS) against the Minister of Health of CS, Haris Vranic.

Ajanovic, as he said, did it because of Vranic’s statement that he will not have sympathy for citizens who do not want to bevaccinated and who, as he explained, are resisting.

“He thus announced a ban on entering service and public facilities for these citizens, which was publicly supported by the Prime Minister of the CS, Edin Forto, so they were reported for violating Article 383 of the Criminal Code of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) – Abuse of power, related to the Article 28 of the FBIH Criminal Code – Try, everything related to Article 2 of the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination in BiH, ” said Ajanovic.

According to Ajanovic, the announcement of discrimination against citizens by Minister Vranic and Prime Minister Fortowould result in illegally different treatment of citizens, giving preference to vaccinated citizens, and restricting the rights of citizens who have not been vaccinated, even though vaccination is not legally binding by any regulations.

“Discrimination violates the right to freedom of movement as a basic human right, the violation of which is prohibited by the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination in BiH. Minister Vranic,Prime Minister Forto, and other members of the CS Government, including other levels of government, are responsible for the catastrophic organization of coronavirus vaccination. This is why their threat to the citizens is another indicator that Sarajevo, but also the whole of BiH, must get rid of the repressive political gang, “Ajanovic warned.

To recall, earlier, the Prime Minister of CS, Edin Forto, hinted that unvaccinated people would be banned from entering most cantonal institutions, while Vranic stated that entry into closed facilities would be allowed with the presentation of evidence of vaccination.

Vranic emphasized that there would be no “sentiment for those who have resistance to these measures”, Klix.ba writes.


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