The RS took more than 3 billion BAM of Foreign Loans since 1995

Total liabilities for foreign currency-denominated equity of the RS amounted to about three billion BAM at the end of last year.

Since the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, this entity has been granted loans for financing investment projects in several fields of renovation and reconstruction, public works and employment, transportation, railway, telecommunications, electrical and water systems, the development of agriculture etc.

According to the aforementioned investment projects, the RS is indebted at several international financial institutions, including the World Bank, International Development Association WB IDA, the International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development EBRD, European Investment Bank EIB, the Council of Europe Development Bank CEB, the governments of Belgium, Japan, Austria, Spain and Portugal, etc.

The external debt of this BH entity was serviced in the total amount of 347.932.511 BAM only in the last year, as noted in the consolidated report on the execution of the entity budget in 2017.

The amount of paid equity of 304,951,991 BAM refers to both “old” and “new” loans and represents the execution of 105 %, which refers to funds planned for these purposes in the aforementioned period.

The category of “new” loans refers to a debt based on the ino-loan, which was taken on December 14, 1995 and it includes loans for budget support and investment projects.

According to the preliminary data of the entity Ministry of Finance, the state of the total debt of the RS, both external and internal, amounted to five billion and 396.7 million BAM at the end of February this year, while total debt subjected to legal limitation amounts to five billion and 350.47 million BAM or 50.62 % of the estimated GDP for the year of 2018.

(Source: klix.ba)


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