The Revival of Olympic Spirit Through the Project “Celebrating Olympic”

olimpijada 1984The year 2014 in B&H will be marked by many Jubilees. The 30 year anniversary of one of the most important cultural, sportive and touristic events in world- Winter Olympic games, hosted by Sarajevo, B&H in 1984 will be celebrated.

B&H, specifically Sarajevo and East Sarajevo in 2014 will start a three year preparations for the organization of the European Winter Olympic Games for Youth EYOWF 2017.

On this occasion, the Olympic Committee of B&H in partnership with agencies CIP7 and Visia will implement a four year project – Olympic Family- Celebrating Olympic that aims to revive the Olympic spirit, to promote original Olympic values, to raise awareness on the importance of organizing the upcoming event Winter European Festival for Youth EYOWF 2017, popularization of winter sports in general and the creation of a new generation of athletes, primarily for winter sports.

The exhibition of B&H artists that will present a very important cultural event for the whole country is one of the segments of the project Olympic Family- Celebrating Olympic. The exhibition will be presented in 10 cities in B&H. All the art academies and all professional artists are invited.



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