The Rehabilitation of Railroad from Bistrik to Ustipraća

Association of Citizens of Nature Park of Cultural, Historical and Ecological Tourism ‘Ciro’ expects the rehabilitation of railroads from Bistik to Ustipraća as soon as possible, and their goal is to be finished by next year the first stage to the gondola.

The board member of the Association of Radovan Pejić said that the Association would apply for funds from the IPA funds in order to implement the projects. They have the approval of entity company “Željeznice”, with whom they signed a contract, and the tracks would be available to them for use under certain conditions.

He said that the director of the firm “Majnex” Veljko Golijanin informed them about the readiness of the company to

Pejić said that the goal of the Association, apart from the revitalization of the tracks for the purpose of tourism development and preserving the cultural and historical heritage of BiH, is also the affirmation of the traditional railroad transport, raising environmental awareness, strengthening tourist offers, connecting Olympic mountains of Trebević and Jahorina and added affirmations of tourist and sport.

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