The Readiness of Turkey to Improve Public Transport in Sarajevo

sastanak_javniprevozThe Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton Suad Željković and the Minister of Transport Jusuf Bubica met with the Turkish Delegation led by the President of the Centre for the development of relations between Turkey and B&H Muzaffer Cilek.

The presentation of the specific projects for the next few months, which would improve the public transport but also the security in Canton Sarajevo were the topics of today’s meeting. The General Director Hayri Baracli and Mustafa Albayrak from the company “iETT” Istanbul were part of the delegation.

After the meeting, guests from Turkey with the Minister Bubica visited the company GRAS, where they got to know the specific needs that should be provided in order to improve public transport. The guests expressed the willingness of the Mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbas to help Sarajevo and its citizens in this regard. They also brought the data on the functioning of the public transport in the Turkish metropolis where on a daily basis about 3.7 million people use public transportation, without counting the rail transportation.

(Source: Fena)


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