The Prosecutor’s Office in BiH resolved more than 19,000 Reports of Criminal Offenses

In 2020, the Prosecutor’s Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina resolved more than 19,000 reports of criminal offenses, of which 410 were for minors.

The total number of criminal reports is about 16 percent lower than in 2019, according to the State Statistics Agency.

When it comes to adults, 90.9 percent of perpetrators are men. The total number of convicted adults is 8,672, which is 16.4 percent less than in the previous year.

The most numerous were crimes against property. Among the reported persons, the share of criminal offenses against property in relation to the total number was 34.6 percent.

Of the total number of reports of juvenile delinquency committed in 2020, 46.6 percent of them were rejected, 6.6 percent had their preparatory proceedings suspended and 46.8 percent of cases were sanctioned.

The total number of convicted juveniles is 107. When it comes to criminal sanctions, in 97.2 percent of cases these were educational measures, and the sentence of juvenile imprisonment was imposed on 2.8 percent of convicts, BHRT writes.

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