The Problem of Insufficient Census Forms Solved

popisivac-bih-2013The Institute for Statistics of RS received the additional printed materials, 41.500 questionnaires P1 (for people) and 10.000 P2 (for households) based on the decision of the census bureau of the Agency for Statistics of B&H to print an additional quantity of questionnaires. Besides, the Agency for Statistics of B&H took 9.360 Forms P1 from the Federal Bureau for Statistics and distributed them to Pale and to the municipal census commissions in Podrinje.

In addition to solving the problem of insufficient questionnaires in the field, it is concluded that the Central Census Bureau to monitor the implementation of the census in the field and that they are aware of sporadic violations of census procedures.

Despite that, the estimate of Central Census Bureau is for the census to be implemented within the legal framework and in accordance with the methodology.

(Source: Ekapija.ba)

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