The Premiere of the Film “Caesar Must Die” with a Lazy Barbecue

Acezarrt cinema Kriterion will mark the end of summer 2013 in a very unusual way. Several months ago, the creative team started a project completely free lazy barbecuein the newly opened garden of  Kriterion. The inspiration for the concept was by the popular ‘lazy bagsthe favorite place for seating in Kriterion.

The largest barbecue so far that in some way will mark the end of the summer season will be held on16th September, from 13.00 to 20.00h. Admission to the barbecue is also free of charge, and with your arrival, you ensures a ticket for the premiere of the film “Caesar Must Die” at 20.20h.

Caesar Must Die‘ is a drama, about Taviani brothers, about prisoners who prepare the play Julius Caesar’, winner of the Berlin Film Festival 2012. Art cinema Kriterion will screen this film at 20.20h every day from 16th to 20th September.




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