The “political conflicts” in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be over soon

December 4, 2012 5:08 PM

The President of the SDS political party, Mladen Bosić believes that it will soon be known whether the newly formed Coalition will function on the state level of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosić is optimistic and also says that soon the ”political conflicts” could end in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and that would be a great chance for the Government of the Federation to start functioning.

” Those are two requirements for the new beginning in the process of building new political relations”- said Bosić in a comment about the session of the Administration of the Peace Implementation Council. Bosić also says how he is not sure whether all requirements are set for the new beginning of healthier political relations, but that he would be very satisfied if someone shared this information with him.

The political leaders of the Administration of the Peace Implementation Council, who met on the 28th and 30th November, supported the interparty political dialogue. They also expressed their concern because of the delay of the new session of the Council, the previous one being held in May 2012. Because of this delay, it has come to a complete deadlock in the improvement, so that is the reason why Bosnia and Herzegovina is running late in comparison with the region, especially in the matter of fulfilling the requirements for the admission to the European Union

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