The Play “Spektakluk” Arrives in B&H

SpektaklukThe hit play “Spektakluk” of the Zagreb Theater Kerempuh by authors and actors René Bitorajac and Tarik Filipović finally arrives in B&H.

The mini-tour includes performances in Sarajevo on 28.10 at the Bosnian Cultural Center, a day later in Zenica at the Bosnian National Theater, and finally on 30.10 in Tuzla at the Bosnian Cultural Center.

Popular actors and friends Tarik and René have jointly created this hilarious cabaret that broke all the records at theater Kerempuh.

Tarik and René are authors, directors, choreographers and protagonists of Spektakluka” who turn into 11 different characters, singing, dancing, and at the same time describing all those phenomena which, as they say, in the last 20 years have changed the world, such as Internet, mobile phones, digital cameras, reality shows, and beer in plastic packs. They have created  unforgettable fun with this original acting duo.


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