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The Pirates Kidnapped Spark’s Startup

This year, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the city of Mostar will have their representative at PIRATE Summit 2018– the blablaDevstartupis the only team from BiH to compete for a fully-paid trip to the startup capitals of the world: San Francisco and London or Berlin. The event will take place in Cologne (Germany) on 3 to 5 July and it is one of the most famous and craziest startup events in Europe.

The summit is interesting because of the venue named Odonien, an old scrapyard that has been converted into an outdoor gallery, which gives it a hipster-ish touch. But what makes it the best is the fact that startups, investors, corporations and experienced speakers are gathered in one place, and it’s a great honor if you find yourself among them. Our startup blablaDevhas done it firsthand. Startup consists of five members: Ivan Filipović (frontend), Nikolina Zeljko (marketing & sales), Davor Perić (design) and Tommy Atkinson and Marijo Šunjić (backend), and they have launched a web platform for young developers and companies that hire developers. How does the whole process work?

The developer’s job is to register, download projects and tasks (very similar to those they’ll work on at the real companies), make web or mobile apps the best way they know, and get feedback. The bigger the grade, the higher the rank that developers get, and that’s where companies jump in with hiring the best talents. Young developers, start using this platform for free and sign up on this link, and companies can contact blablaDev on FYI, 74 startups from 27 different countries will compete on this summit, and blablaDev is the only one from Bosnia and Herzegovina. As the whole event is all about the pirates, blablaDev will have to walk the plank and pitch at the same time. There is nothing left to say except to wish our team the best of luck, break a leg! 🙂

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