The Pioneer Valley Zoo in Sarajevo to get Bengal Tiger?

May 23, 2018 1:00 PM

The Pioneer Valley Zoo in Sarajevo will be richer by one big attraction, the Bengal tiger.

This was confirmed by PUC Park, which is responsible for the management of the Pioneer Valley.

Namely, the PUC Park recently arranged a specific transport operation with special conditions for the transport of Bengal tiger with the company “Nature Resource Network” from Prague, and the value of the work was estimated at 6,063 BAM without VAT, according to the Portal of  Public Procurement of BiH.

That means that a new resident in the Pioneer Valley could be a Bengal tiger, the endangered tiger.

The Bengal tiger is found mostly in India, but also in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar. It is the most numerous tiger subspecies with more than 2,500 left in the wild. This tiger subspecies is at the top of the food chain in the wild.





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