The Pannonian Lakes have Four Times fewer Guests than last Year


During 45 days, 84.000 guests visited the Pannonian lakes in Tuzla, which is four times less than the same period last year, when there were 313.000 guests.

The Pannonian lakes in Tuzla are very visited during the hot summer days, even this year when the pandemic and Tuzla Canton (TC) are recording more and more people affected by coronavirus. The lakes had late opening date on June 26th, Fokus news portal reports.

The implementation of the new measures reduced the capacity of guests for five times. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, protection measures have been taken. At the entrance, hands and feet are disinfected, and also disinfection is done for the beach, equipment, sunbeds, and restaurant, while the number of guests is controlled.

“Given the fact that we have an electronic billing system, we control the number of guests practically every half an hour and we adjust it to the capacities that are currently available,” said Maid Porobic, director of Public Utility “Pannonica” Tuzla. This year’s summer season is quite weak, due to the bad weather, late opening date of the season, and pandemic.

“Our only goal is to preserve the business. This season, we have employed 140 workers so that we could accommodate that number of people and keep the standards of “Panonnica”, which is one of the top destinations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)”, Porobic points out.

Guests from all over BiH, the region, as well as Europe come to visit the lakes. These days, there is a group of guests from Velika Kladusa who came through the agency arrangement.

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