The Operation Kino SFF From 1st November at the Winter Tournament in B&H

operacija-kino-sffThe Operation Kino, a project of the Sarajevo Film Festival, will start from 1st November the winter tournament throughout B&H. This project will implement the screenings of the SFF movies to the public of B&H.

The winter tournament will be implemented during November and December and will include 15 cities in B&H. During November will take place screenings in Bihać, Tuzla, Zvornik, Goražde, Prijedor, Cazin, Busovača, Široki Brijeg and Gračanica, while the film program intended for December will be able to enjoy the audience of Travnik, Kalesija, Srebrenik, Čapljina, East Novo Sarajevo and Konjic.

The project Kino Operation started in 2010 aiming that the Sarajevo Film Festival to be extended throughout the year, but also in the entire territory of B&H.

The winter tournament will last until 22nd December, while in January and February next year, will be continued in other B&H cities.

(Source: Fena)


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