The Old Bridge in Mostar was illuminated by the Colors of the French Flag

The Old Bridge in Mostar was illuminated by the colors of the French flag as a sign of solidarity and as a call to the whole world for the renovation of the Paris Notre Dame Cathedral which was taken by a major fire on Monday.

Mostar, like all Bosnians and Herzegovinians, express solidarity with the citizens of France,” was stated from the Mostar Center for Peace and added that they hope that this world-wide tragedy will unite the whole world.

Director of the Center Safet Orucevic recalls that France was one of the first and largest donors in the process of reconstruction of the Old Bridge, which today stands for the international symbol of peace and reconciliation and that this sign of support continues to cultivate the friendship between the two countries.

In 1998, then, French President Jacques Chirac became a member of the Foundation for the Reconstruction of the Old Bridge, and three years ago he was awarded the international award “Mostar Peace Connection”.

(Photo: Fena)

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