The National Holiday of France marked in Sarajevo

The Embassy of the Republic of France in BiH hosted a formal reception on the occasion of the French National Holiday on 14 July, which is marked in memory of July 14, 1789, or the beginning of the Great French Revolution, which abolished the then absolutist monarchy.

All attendees of the traditional reception in the French residence, which started with intonation of the national anthems of both countries, were welcomed by the Ambassador of France, Guillaume Rousson, who noted readiness of his country to continue supporting BiH on its path towards European integrations and further contribute to strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries. He stated that general elections in BiH will be held in October, and noted their importance for further democratic development of the country.

“France, as well as its partners in the EU, are closely monitoring this campaign. The wish of France is that the campaign does not undermine the European path of BiH, neither during nor after elections,” said Ambassador Rousson, and emphasized that BiH is facing numerous challenges, from a response to the second set of questions from the European Commission to the general process of implementation of the Reform Agenda.

“Besides the European path, France is showing its friendly relationship with BiH on a bilateral basis and through its constant support, i.e. the help of the Museum of Louvre to the National Museum of BiH or by promoting the French language,” said the Ambassador.

He also added that France is actively cooperating in the field of security – alone or together with Germany, just like in case of the fight against the smuggling of small weapons.

Numerous persons from public and cultural life of BiH attended the official reception in the French residence, as well as members of the diplomatic corps, international officials, and numerous other guests.

France marks the Day of the Republic in memory of July 14, 1789, when the notorious Bastille Fortress in the Parisian suburb of Saint Antoine was taken over by revolutionary forces, and a traditional military parade is taking place on Champs Elysees to this day.

(Source: klix.ba)


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