The most Visited Sites in Canton Sarajevo

The number of tourists in Canton Sarajevo (CS) is recording an increase every year. More than 240,000 arrivals and 490,000 overnight stays were recorded only in the first six months of this year, which is by 18 % more than in the same period last year.

“The largest number of tourists in the first six months of this year was recorded from China, which is very positive and I can say that this is the influence of presentation on the international fairs of tourism that took place in the Asian countries,” said Razija Mesanovic, the associate for administrative and technical affairs in the Tourist Board of Canton Sarajevo.

She recalled that 482,000 tourists from 164 countries visited Canton Sarajevo in the past year.

“The largest number of overnight stays was realized by tourists from Croatia, and if we take a look at top five countries when it comes to arrivals and the number of overnight stays, Turkey is in the first place, and it is followed by Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, Serbia and Slovenia. We can see that the region is still mostly represented,” stated Mesic.

She noted that Trebevic cable car gave great contribution to the revival of this part of the city, and there are also Lukomir, Bijambare cave and Vrelo Bosne (Spring of Bosna River). These natural beauties attract tourists from all over the world.

“Our goal is to extend their stay here and make them stay longer than three days, both in summer and winter season. We cannot forget the history of the war. It is not placed in the focus, but we cannot exclude the Tunnel Museum which is the mostly visited museum in the CS. The old town center – Bascarsija, and all the monuments in this location are something that attracts our guests, all that multi-religious note. Sarajevo really offers a lot. Moreover, we managed to revive Trebevic with Trebevic cable car. The bob trail is also a great attraction for foreign visitors. It is covered in graffiti and great for taking photos,” said Mesanovic.

She also mentioned the Sarajevo Film Festival, which will take place in August, and noted that it is a traditional festival that sends a great and positive image to the world.

“I think that the city of Sarajevo is becoming a real cultural metropolis with numerous interesting events from year to year. Thanks to the Sarajevo Film Festival, this city got a whole new image in the world,” said Mesanovic.


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