The Mocking of the Prijedor Concentration Camps by Maric and Antonijevic shows their moral Downfall

The Association of the Former Detainees of Concentration Camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) reacted to the shameful comments of the host of the show “Good Morning Serbia”, Milomir Maric, and his guest, the director of the movie “Dara from Jasenovac”, Predrag Antonijevic.

As they stated, as an umbrella organization of former detainees from the territory of the state of BiH, they want to repeat, for as many times as needed, that there is no more a need to acknowledge genocide and crimes that took place in our country during the 1992-1996 aggression by irrelevant individuals and institutions, Klix.ba writes.

“The truth that was unequivocally established by the final verdicts of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, and above all the genocidal intent, which, apart from Srebrenica, certainly existed in the area mentioned by these two individuals – the Prijedor area, no longer needs to be proven, ” they said from the Association of the Former Detainees of Concentration Camp in BiH.

They stressed that the context and the way in which these two men in the show talked about these events, clearly represent their moral downfall and personal visions, the character of that television and the state that is not ready, and most likely will never be ready, to admit what they did.

“This is an obvious thing to the whole civilized world, based on the relevant, objective facts, which are as such, only a small part of the whole truth, which the detainees had to endure, and still continue enduring for their country BiH. The confirmations of these statements are present each day in the Association of the Former Detainees of Concentration Camp in BiH, and they come from all over the world. The need for the real truth in recent months came from Italy, in which we certainly gave our contribution, and it referred to the Prijedor region, ” it was said from the Association of the Former Detainees of Concentration Camp in BiH.

To recall, the director of the film “Dara from Jasenovac”, Predrag Gaga Antonijevic, was a guest in the morning program “Good morning Serbia” on Happy TV, and he was hosted by the controversial journalist Milomir Maric, who is known to the general public for his nationalistic and pro-ethnic statements. During the mentioned program, Antonijevic and Maric mocked the Serb concentration camps near Prijedor, Omarska, Keraterm, and Trnopolje, saying they were not camps but open-type assembly centers where people seek for security.

Also, they commented former detainee Fikret Alic, a “man behind the wire” from a famous photo of British journalist Ed Vulliamy (photo which was seen all around the world in 1992), saying he was thin because he had tuberculosis, and that the British people “took him out, fed him and then took him to circuses.”

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