The MFA of BiH is asking Serbia for complete Information on arrested Edin Vranj

Deputy Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers and BiH Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic ordered the BiH Embassy in Serbia to react immediately and receive official and complete information from the Serbian authorities on the status of Edin Vranj, a BiH citizen who was arrested at the border entering Serbia.

“The note has already been sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.” The Ministry and the Embassy of BiH in Belgrade will immediately get involved in the case and offer all possible assistance to the citizen of BiH “, stated Turkovic on social networks and added: “Bosnia and Herzegovina has previously, on several occasions, called on Serbia to respect all previously reached agreements that address the issue of war crimes prosecution,” said Turkovic.

The Serbian Ministry of the Interior arrested Edin Vranj, a former high-ranking official of the Federal Police Administration of BiH (FUP). 

He was arrested upon entering Serbia, at the border crossing Uvac – Rudo, and his implementation in Belgrade is in progress, the media report. 

According to available information, Vranj is suspected of war crimes. A warrant from the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia from 2018 was issued for him. Allegedly, these are crimes in the Gorazde area. 

Vranj has a master’s degree in criminology and a doctorate in law, who received his criminology and security training in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Skopje. He spent a full 30 years in various operational and managerial jobs in the criminal police, more or less on all lines of crime prevention. 

The public remembers him as the head of the Criminal Police Sector in the Federal Police Administration, and as the head of the Department for Organized and Inter-Cantonal Crime, whose inspectors at that time achieved notable results in arresting numerous and well-known criminals. 

Edin Vranj left the Federal Police Administration in 2016, when he became the director of a private security agency.

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