The Mayors in RS do not plan to remove Murals dedicated to War Criminals

With the announcement that he would order the removal of murals dedicated to war criminal Ratko Mladic in municipalities and cities in Republika Srpska (RS), Representative Valentin Inzko provoked many reactions of the public with his announcement that he would order the removal of murals created in honor of war criminal Ratko Mladic in municipalities and cities in Republika Srpska (RS). The civilized world supports his announcement.

However, those who are supposed to act and remove the shameful murals, at least for now, have no intention of doing so.

Inzko told that he intended to send a letter to the mayors with a request to remove murals after a final verdict was handed down.He also added that he had gone to Foca these days, where he planned to talk to the young mayor after personally checking what a mural dedicated to Mladic really looked like.

“But after the shock, cramps, and disbelief I felt in this small town with lots of large murals with the characters of great war criminals, I realized that it was necessary to send SOS throughout the civilized world, instead of praying and invoking the mayor’s prudence in Foca, Kalinovik, Nevesinje, and elsewhere, ” stated Inzko.

The mayor of Gacko, Ognjen Milinkovic, emphasized for “Glas Srpske” that he was “caught by this statement of the High Representative who will leave soon, who only provokes new divisions with such phrases”.

“I have been in the position of mayor since December and there have been no complaints about the mural, and as far as I know, it was like that even before. As a mayor, I have good relations with Bosniaks in Gacko and no one has ever asked for the mural to be removed,” said Milinkovic.

He adds that Inzko, once again, is illegally interfering where he does not belong and that his actions only hinder further progress and reconciliation.

In a statement for “Glas Srpske”, the mayor of Gradiska, Zoran Adzic, points out that he will not respond to the letter of the soon former High Representative if Inzko sends it to the city administration.

“It is not within our competence. There is one mural on a private facility and we do not have the authority to remove it. So, even if we receive such a letter, we are not able to react,” Adzic said briefly.

Milenko Avdalovic, the mayor of Nevesinje, emphasized for “Glas Srpske” that he will think about concrete moves only if he receives such a letter.

“I would not like to comment on anything now, since there have been no concrete moves by Inzko yet, and I do not want to think about it now,” Avdalovic commented briefly.

The mayor of Foca, Milan Vukadinovic, did not answer the calls, Klix.ba writes.


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