The Longest Alpine Coaster in the Region to be opened Today!

The longest alpine coaster in the region will officially be opened on Jahorina on Thursday, August 15th and the opening ceremony will be held at a new facility next to the artificial lake.

Jahorina Olympic Center points out that they plan to make Jahorina Mountain on the map of the most desirable tourist destinations in Southeastern Europe even when the tourist season is summer.

The construction of this largest summer adrenaline attraction, a mountain bob on rails measuring 2,500 meters long and also the largest in this part of the Balkans, is just one of the segments of a successful strategy.

According to the program, gathering of participants on the Poljica Plateau and organized departure of the six-seater to the top is planned at 2:30 pm, at 3:00 pm there will be a gathering of participants next to the artificial lake, at 3:15 pm there will be official opening and statements for the media.

“This adrenaline coaster will be 2.5 km long and the starting station will be at the large artificial lake at the top of the mountain, while the downhill station will be at the foot of the mountain on the plateau of Poljica. The trails of the longest alpine coaster in the region will pass through the most attractive parts of the mountain beside the adrenaline driving visitors will provide a unique experience of Jahorina,” was explained.

Jahorina is a mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located near the municipality of Pale and municipality of Trnovo, in Republika Srpska entity.

Part of the Dinaric Alps, it borders Mount Trebevic and its highest peak Ogorjelica, has a summit elevation of 1,916 metres (6,286 ft), making it the second-highest of Sarajevo’s mountains, after Bjelašnica at 2,067 m (6,781 ft).

The Jahorina ski resort located on the mountain, hosted the women’s alpine skiing events of the 1984 Winter Olympics.

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