“The literary trail of Santa Claus” in Banja Luka

“ The literary trail of Santa Claus” began today at 11:00 a.m. in front of the Endowment ”Petar Kočić” which is the organizer of this manifestation. For thirteen year now ”Petar Kočić” has been publishing and promoting ‘‘The first book in the world” in front of the monument of Petar Kočić in Banja Luka.

” In 2013 the ”First book in the world” is a novel called ”Witch” by a prominent Macedonian author Venko Andonovski.   The book will be promotes within the ”Literary trail of Santa Claus’’, where participant will walk with the books in their hands toward the monument of Petar Kočić.”- said the director of the Endowment ”Petar Kočić” Nikola Vukolić.

The first copy of the ”First book” will be given to the Mayor of Banja Luka Slobodna Gavranović.


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