The List of Alternative Border Crossings to avoid waiting

Because of the sunny and hot days, we expect a large number of citizens of BiH to head to the sea. Just like every summer, there is a great “pressure” on the border crossings Doljani, Ivanica, Izacic, Velika Kladusa, Bosanski Brod and Bosanska Gradiska, as well as on the border crossings towards Montenegro.

During the weekend, retentions on the most commonly used border crossings are up to four hours. Retentions on week days are usually not longer than 30 minutes.

According to Bisera Hasimbegovic from BIHAMK, the largest crowds are recorded at BC Doljani, and the most frequent border crossing is BC Ivanica (on the route Trebinje-Dubrovnik).

They recommend use of alternative border crossings: Zvirici, Crveni Grm, Trebimlja and Orahov Do (border crossing that opens during the summer as an international border crossing).

During the week, especially during the weekend, there are long retentions at the BC Izacic and BC Velika Kladusa (both directions).

It is recommended to use BC Hadzin potok-Bogovolja (which is temporarily classified as an international border crossing).

When it comes to border crossings with Montenegro, the most frequent is BC Hum (at the entrance to BiH, due to rafters that are coming from Montenegro to BiH), BC Deleusa and BC Zupci. There are no alternative border crossings for Montenegro, and crowds are largest during the weekend.

“Considering the fact that more favourable weather conditions were announced, we expect a higher frequency of vehicles to the south, especially during the weekend. We recommend our citizens to get informed about the current situation on the roads and border crossings (on our phone number 1282 or by visiting our website). They can also watch video surveillance from majority of border crossings on this website and thus avoid long retentions . We also advise drivers not to forget all the necessary documents so that they do not have any inconvenience and cause additional retention at the border crossings,” said Hasimbegovic.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)







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