International Conference on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence

ismeta_dervozThe international conference with the participation of representatives of legislative and executive authorities from 29 NGOs of Women’s from Serbia, B&H, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Austria was held last weekend in Belgrade. This conference was about coordinated efforts for the establishment of the European standards on protection of women from gender-based violence, with a special emphasis on the promotion and implementation of the Istanbul Convention (The convention of the European Council on prevention and combating violence against women and domestic violence).

On the behalf of the Parliamentarians Network “Women Free of Violence” of the Council of Europe, the General Rapporteur of the Council of Europe on violence against women Jose Mendes Bota addressed the audience.

Ismeta Dervoz represented the B&H Parliamentary Assembly at this event and informed the participants that on 7 November B&H deposited instruments for the ratification of the Convention of the Council of the Europe and thus became the 6th country of the 32 that signed the Convention and brought the process to an end. B&H will be among the 10 countries that will put this powerful legal instrument into operation.

(Source: Fena) 


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