The Indictment filed against 17 Police Officers from Sarajevo

Acting prosecutors of the Department for Economic Crime and Corruption of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Prosecutor’s Office have filed indictments against 17 police officers of the CS Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Traffic Unit on suspicion of committing many corrupt criminal acts during the performance of their duties, including receiving gifts and other benefits, as well as abuse of position.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office of CS, they are charged that from June to mid-August 2020, during traffic controls, they demanded or received money from drivers who committed traffic violations, among other things, in order to avoid sanctioning of them at all or to issue them a misdemeanor warrant with minor fines without a ban on driving a motor vehicle and penalty points.

The suspects were detained for six months during the investigation, and besides the indictments, the Court was proposed measures that include a ban on performing the duties of a police officer.

When it comes to the five remaining traffic police officers who are under the ban measures, the investigation is in its final phase.

The indictments were forwarded to the Municipal Court in Sarajevo for confirmation, as the CS Prosecutor’s Office stated.

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