The Government of the FB&H Established the Draft Budget for 2014

Vlada_FederacijeThe Government of the FB&H at today’s session in Mostar established during the parliamentary procedure the draft budget for 2014 for the FB&H, which according to the projection is 2.357.715.456 BAM. This is 143.5 million BAM or 6.5 percent more than in this year’s Budget.

The budgeting process of Federation has evolved over the past year. In fact, since January 2013 the implementation of BPMIS system began (information system planning and budget management). It is a web application through which users enter their budget requests and submit them to the Federal Ministry of Finance, which checks them up and accepts them or returns them to the eventual correction.

The application does not allow the entry of budget requests of users who exceed the upper limit defined by the budget document. The new application system will contribute to the transparency and quality of budget planning in the Federation of B&H.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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