The Government of FB&H Adopted Three Laws Against Corruption and Organized Crime

korupcijaThe Government of FB&H today in Sarajevo confirmed the three draft laws in the field of combating corruption and organized crime. The laws are the confiscation of illegally acquired property, the fight against corruption and organized crime and the Amendments to the Criminal Code of FB&H.

The Prime Minister of Federation of B&H Nermin Nikšić will require from the Chairmen of the House of Representatives of the FB&H Parliament Fehim Škaljić and Radoja Vidović to schedule the parliamentary sessions of the houses in which the  set of all eight laws that the Government of FB&H, in the form of a draft or proposal that was confirmed at the 84th and 85th session will be considered. 

These are strategically important laws: on violations, on the public- private partnership, on the business companies, on inspections, on amendments of the law on registration of business subjects, on the fight against corruption and organized crime, on the confiscation of illegally acquired property and on amendments of the criminal law.

“The adoption and the implementation of these laws means a stronger government, more jobs, better business conditions and a greater ability to finally penalize the crime and criminals. The solutions offered by these laws are directed to the benefit of all citizens of the Federation of B&H”, announced the Government of FB&H.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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