The first Trucks of Food donated by the great BH Humanist officially departed

The first trucks with food packages for socially vulnerable persons in the entire FBiH, procured with money from the donation of humanist Agan Hodzic from Rogatica, departed from Sarajevo thanks to the engagement of the Red Cross of FBiH.

The last packages in that action will be divided before the Eid in the area of Rogatica, the birthplace of humanist Agan Hodzic, as well as in the wider region of Eastern Bosnia, as announced by the Secretary General of this organization.

The Red Cross of the FBiH is one of the three humanitarian organizations that received a total of 1 million BAM from the humanist Agan Hodzic. Donations were realized on the basis of a testament whose executor is one of his relatives.

The Red Cross of FBiH received a total of 384.331,98 BAM from this donation. According to the decision of the Presidency, the money is intended for procurement of food for poor people, users of Red Cross soup kitchen and other soup kitchens on the territory of the FBiH.

Around 4,000 packages will be divided from the storage space in Rajlovac, Sarajevo.

Namik Hodzic noted that this is the largest individual donation to the Red Cross of FBiH. He is hoping that other people will follow the example of this great humanist as well. The Secretary General of this organization stated that it does not matter if people realize it through the Red Cross or some other humanitarian organization.

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