The First Tractor produced in BiH exported to Europe

The first tractor that was completely produced in BiH was exported from Maglaj to Europe. This is a tractor produced by the company Beartisch-Fobro, which moved its production facilities from Switzerland and Germany to BiH last year.

The exported tractor is model Fobro Mobile, and it is suitable for cultivation of soil, tillage, crop cleaning, cultivation of vineyards, etc. The tractor is equipped with steering system control called Joystick. This contemporary model of tractor has the price of 55,000 EUR on the market of Europe.

The company Beartisch-Fobro is dealing with the production of agricultural machines, and it currently employs 13 workers in Maglaj. The company is planning to export two more tractors to Germany and Switzerland next week.

According to media, the company Beartisch-Fobro is planning to increase the number of their workers to 29. The company will dedicate the upcoming few months to the improvement of their production, and according to announcements, new Fobro Mobile tractors will be equipped with GPS.





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