The First Tarawih Prayer held in Sinan Pasha’s Mosque after 60 Years

The precious month of Ramadan started yesterday with sunset. The first tarawih prayer was held last night, and today is the first day of fast.

In Mostar, tarawih prayer will take place at 60 different places while mukabela (public reading of Qur’an in mosques) will be held at 23 places.

Info-service for youth will organize their gatherings and lectures in the backyard of Koskina Mosque after the tarawih prayer.

Maybe even the most important information regarding the month of Ramadan is that the first tarawih prayer was held in Sinan Pasha’s mosque as an indication of the completion of works in this mosque that should follow soon. Only the first tarawih prayer was held in Sinan Pasha’s mosque, and there was also a shorter program performed by the choir El-Kamer and Choir of Karadjoz-bey’s Madrasa.

Salem ef. Dedovic, the Mufti of Mostar, addressed all of the attendees of the first tarawih prayer and the first common prayer held 69 years after its demolition. Sinan Pasha’s mosque in Mejdan, the oldest and largest mosque in the city of Mostar, was demolished in December 1949.

(Source: factor.ba)



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