The first Migrant who finished Elementary School in BiH has now enrolled in High School in Bihac

Yesterday was a special and joyful day for a 16-year-old from Iran. Until recently, he was the first and only migrant to receive a diploma of completed primary education in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and now he went a step further – he enrolled in high school.

He chose the Electrical Engineering School in Bihac, department of computer science.

“I am very excited and satisfied, I hope that I will meet the expectations and that my parents will be proud! My wish is to stay here, to find a good job after school and take care of my family,” he said when coming to the classroom and meeting his new schoolmates and professors.

His parents also attended the enrollment and are very happy and grateful to the organization ”Save the Children” for the support they have received so far. The enrollment procedure and the selection of the school he wanted were followed by the Ministry of Education of Una-Sana Canton (USC).

This boy left Iran four years ago with his family in search of a better life, and they are currently staying in one of the reception camps in Bihac. His father hopes that they will be granted asylum so that they will continue to live in BiH, according to the ”Save the Children” organization.

His name was not published due to the protection of his identity, Klix.ba writes.


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