The First Laboratory for Quality Control of Bee Products in B&H

pčeleAlthough B&H is not a member of the World beekeeping organization Apimondia” the significance of the first central laboratory in Sarajevo is immeasurable.

The laboratory provides the first opportunity that B&H can immediately sell its products. For beekeepers it is a huge help because they will be able to launch their product to produce more and people to be employed as beekeepers.

The laboratory is located at the Sarajevo Faculty of Agriculture and Food. All essential instruments and equipment and most importantly the microscope are provided by TIKA – Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination.

B&H producers of honey and other bee products have been sending their product for analysis out of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now, they will be able to do all the work in Sarajevo.

The laboratory is established, and for the European market to recognize its certificatem it is a task that should be undertaken by the relevant institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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